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Marshmallows unite
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Veronica Mars..she's a marshmallow.

This journal is moderated by slayervixen and the lovely lols82, the layout was made by mirca77. Stunning..right?

The main jist of this community is a meeting place for VM fans, a place for fans to discuss storylines, a place for fanfic to be written, a place for icons, a place for queries and questions, a place for pic spam (under a cut of course)...we're all here for the same thing the wonder that is Veronica Mars.

Rules of the community

1. Anything spoiler-ish MUST be put under an lj-cut..its only fair, not everyone is up to date with the episodes particularly people in Europe.

2. No abuse/negativity, sorry but i have no time for this if there are rude/ignorant posts they will be deleted almost immediately!!

3. Type properly there is NOTHING worse than people who 'type lik diz LOLZ OMFG!'

4. If you have any queries feel free to email me, i'm also looking for co-moderators!! slayervixen@hotmail.com

5. Please put pictures under the cut, its only fair to others.

6. Most of all HAVE FUN...that's why i made this community.